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The Revo Uninstaller application is a Windows program that can help you remove unused programs from your computer. When you uninstall a program you are usually removing the file or folder it references from your computer, however, there are times when you delete this data and files but no programs are removed. If this happens then the programs that were deleted from your system will still be in your computer. This means that if you decide to use a different program to run after an uninstall then it will not run as it is missing some of the needed files.

With the Revo Uninstaller program you can easily and efficiently remove a program, not just files and folders from your Windows registry. The program automatically finds and removes all the program files associated with the program you are trying to uninstall. After the program is installed, the files are not removed automatically until the program is uninstalled. The reason why this happens is that a program's file is not placed into your Windows registry in the way a program folder is; if the program is installed automatically then the Revo Uninstaller program won't find it and the program will not be uninstalled.

Once the program is installed, the registry starts to build up junk, thus, the Revo Uninstaller program has to continually scan through the Windows registry to find any invalid entries and trash in order to remove them. This process helps remove the old registry entries that Windows needs in order to run. In addition, the program automatically updates your registry when the program runs. You don't have to worry about manually updating the registry by running a program from your Windows install DVD, instead, you simply run the software whenever you need to keep your registry optimized. You can remove programs quickly and effortlessly with the Revo Uninstaller program, just be sure to back up your registry first!

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